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Violated Paradise

Violated Paradise (1963)

A Tokyo geisha travels through Japan, commenting on the history of Japan, life in a big city, the ways of the ama – the girls who make a living by diving as deep as 70 feet in the sea to cut off oysters from the rocks, and collect pearls, with the help of just a knife or a piece of metal -, the beautiful Japanese men, Shintoism, her life as a geisha, Japanese night-life, cabarets and strip joints, revival of samurai traditions, social customs like mixed nude bathing in swimming pools, and life in small villages. The film is actually a travelogue documentary, with just a little romance as the girl narrator returns to the south coastal island where she had seen the amas and the handsome fishermen, to try her capacities of being a pearl diver (she succeeds) and then she ends up by marrying the young man she had noticed earlier.

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Genre: DocumentaryDrama


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Duration: 68 min

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Tagline: An Amazing Film That Shows an Innocent Maiden Exposed to the Fantastic Spectacle of Life in the Raw.