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Twisted Thicket

Twisted Thicket (2008)

The Thicket is a wonderful place of magical enchantment. All that a person needs is provided to them by the forest, there’s no need to labor, and the main focus of daily life is to spend time with friends and explore the Thicket. But lately things in the Thicket have been getting a little twisted. Forest folk have been disappearing at random with no explanation. As the wood slowly empties, the spirit of contentment gets replaced by feelings of abandonment and sorrow. Thyme, a headstrong forest girl, is at a loss for what to do when her dearest friend, the Woods Man, disappears without a trace, joining the ranks of the newly missing. The thought that he would never have left the Thicket of his own accord does nothing to reassure her. Then Thyme herself is ambushed one night and knocked unconscious. She awakes to find herself in an unusual place, far from the life she is accustomed to in the Thicket. She’ll have to keep all of her wits about her as she tries to escape the clutches of her inhuman captors, encounters strange weaponry, and accidentally discovers the secret behind the disappearances of her forest folk friends. When all is said and done, one thing is made abundantly clear to her. Human beings never should have left the Thicket.

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Genre: ComedyFantasyShort


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Duration: 8 min

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