The Rise of the Black Pharaohs
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The Rise of the Black Pharaohs

The Rise of the Black Pharaohs (2014)

From PBS – Around 800 BC, Kush, a little-known subject state of Egypt, rose up and conquered the Egyptians, enthroned its own Pharaohs, and ruled over the empire of King Tut for nearly 100 years. This unlikely chapter of history has been buried by the Egyptians and belittled by early archaeologists, who refused to believe that dark skinned Africans could have risen so high. But now, in the heart of Sudan, archeologists Geoff Emberling and Tim Kendall are bringing the truth about the Black Pharaohs to life. In a royal tomb beneath an ancient Kush pyramid and at the soaring heights of a mountain sacred to both Kushites and Egyptians, they are finding indisputable evidence of an advanced African society with powerful armies, vast reach, and spiritually-driven imperial aspirations that rival the Egyptians.

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Tagline: Learn about the African Kushites who overthrew the ancient Egyptians.