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Ren xia gui

Ren xia gui (1984)

You are watching the movie Ren xia gui has Comedy Fantasy Horror Genres and produced in Hong Kong with 93 min runtime. Broadcast at MovGoTV.com and directed by Yuet Sang Chin,

Inspired by the paranormal stories of opera veteran Master Sheng (Ching-Ying Lam), an opera troupe, which includes the daring actor Kuei (Wei Tung), trick each other with ghostly stories and horror tricks. The troupe is repulsed by the overly-confident opera actor Chia (Ho Kai Law); therefore, they play the ultimate ghost trick on him. When Chia finds out, he confronts the troupe, resulting them in keeping a distance from each other. However, the troupe’s troubles worsen when their opera stage is haunted by a mischievous and restless ghost (Yuet Sang Chin).

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Duration: 93 min

Quality: HD