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Point B

Point B (2009)

Point B travels across the United States, France, England & China discussing the contentious issues Parkour faces as it grows & develops. First, Parkour must define itself, it’s techniques, & how it is played. To do this, we explore the origins of Parkour in Georges Hébert’s Natural Method, the Method’s adaption into ‘parcours’ obstacle courses, and how Raymond Belle’s dedication to this brand of fitness inspired a group of his son’s friends to create Parkour. As Parkour is globalized it must to cope with the growing pains of becoming a quickly-spreading worldwide phenomenon. We travel to Evry, France, the birthplace of Parkour to meet up with some of Parkour’s creators, then over to England, a hotbed of Parkour, & even across the world to China. Commercialization is another daunting obstacle as Parkour begins to be used in video games, movies, & music videos. Sneaker manufacturers also want to stake their claim. But how far are traceurs willing to go? They discuss falling & the common injury on the kong technique. Traceurs also share their thoughts & concerns about competition, the most controversial topic Parkour faces. But the question remains about the paramount concept of Parkour, flow, in which a traceur loses himself into a series of thoughtless & effortless movement. What is Parkour’s Point B?

Duration: 67 min

Quality: HD