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God’s Marble

God’s Marble (2008)

In a bleak near future world, there exists a bragged disassociated group of people surviving on the outskirts of Palm Springs, California. The food and water supply is dwindling, crops refuse to grow and the only convenience is the power supplied by the constant spinning of the wind generators. The besieged leader of this camp is one Tom Anderson, a weary and haunted man with more than a lifetime of pain behind his eyes. His depression grows daily as he is reduced to trying to find either survivors of the disaster or possibly even a way out of his dilemma. Supposedly aiding Tom is Mike, more of a hindrance and irritant to Tom rather than an asset to him and his leadership. With Mike constantly writing things on a broken clipboard, he never seems to follow through with anything. Time passes as Tom spirals down a hole of depression and pills while he plays back video of his wife Rachel who painfully reminds him of a happier time when there was love and support in his life. When it seems the darkest, a radio broadcast is intercepted from a Gregory Strumman. As a beacon of hope and a possibility of escape for Tom, he reveals the source of the disaster to Gregory. An alien stone element, God’s Marble. This stone had the frightening ability to grow larger unless sealed up. At this point some light is shed as to who may have been responsible for releasing this stone that mutated the planet. Upon Gregory’s discovery of the plane that Tom and Mike have at their disposal, Gregory eludes that they may be welcome to their camp where the clean Austrian Alp life in the town of Erlosung is far different than the rough desert existence Tom is dealing with now. Tom even finds there is an additional ray of hope that his missing Rachel could be at the camp awaiting him. Tom calls for Mike to fire up the plane so they can fly off to Gregory’s Shangri- La, find his loving wife and live a good life in the clean mountain town. Mike unexpectedly refuses to fly Tom anywhere causing a complete stripping of Tom Anderson’s world as we have seen it.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD


Original Title: God's Marble