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Driven Underground

Driven Underground (2015)

When single mom SARAH PALMER’s teen daughter CHRISTY witnesses a murder, Christy becomes the key witness for the prosecution. After identifying the killer from a line up, the killer is charged, but his clever lawyer has him out on bail in days. After Sarah’s car is run off the road while driving Christy to a school track meet, she begs the police for protection. The police try, but faced with more threats that seem to reveal a leak within in the police force, Sarah takes matters into her own hands. A mother protecting her child, Sarah picks up Christy from school and the two drive far away. Hiding out in Oregon, mother and daughter struggle to adjust to their new life in a run-down house as both the police and killers start a nation wide search for them. The police fear the two have been kidnapped, or worse, and the killers think Christy’s in the witness protection program. Christy starts attending a new school under a new name while Sarah gets a job at a café. Both make friends and settle down while following the story of the murder trial on TV. Christy wants to return to testify to put the killer in jail, but Sarah is cautious. She contacts the police in her old town to let them know they are safe. But doesn’t want to bring Christy to trial unless the killer is behind bars. As the trial approaches, Christy is reluctantly dragged to a track meet to replace an injured student. At the meet, Christy excels in running the relay — bringing her school a gold metal. As much as Christy and Sarah try to hide from photographers, one of Christy’s new friends takes her winning photo with an I-Phone – a picture that makes the front page of the local newspaper and on the Internet. Worried the photo will give them away, Sarah is ready to leave town, but Christy wants to stay – with her new friends. Sarah agrees to wait. Nervously the two carry on their secret lives, with two suitcases packed ready to go at a moment’s notice. Now the star track team member, Christy is expected to lead her school to the state track finals. Sarah is asked out on a date with her new friend, Thomas. Life goes on until two strangers arrive in town claiming to be college scouts evaluating track athletes for scholarships. In reality the killers are here to see if the girl from the Internet photo really is Christy. Mother and daughter’s underground lives are about to be blown wide open.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD