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Circle of Deception

Circle of Deception (1960)

In 1944, prior to the Allied landings in Normandy, British Intelligence is anxious to mislead the Germans regarding the actual landing sites. The logical place for landings is Pas-De-Calais, France, where the distance between UK and France is shortest. The Germans know it and expect the Allies to land there. However, the Allies plan to land in Normandy but they continue in misleading the Germans about landings in Pas De Calais. British Navy Captain Thomas Rawson, in charge of an intelligence unit, plans to mislead the Germans by dropping a British officer in their lap. That officer would be misled himself to believe that Pas-De-Calais is the correct area. Then, he would be sent there, to coordinate French resistance. In reality, he would be sacrificed to the Gestapo.The ideal patsy should resist interrogation under torture, if captured, but should eventually crack and reveal what he knows. Of course, he would reveal what he was told by British Intelligence, which is plain misinformation. Thus misinformed, the Germans would concentrate their troops in the wrong area, leaving the landing zones vulnerable. The British spy sent to France with the fake information would willingly be sacrificed to Gestapo torture. However, he would have a cyanide capsule logged inside a tooth, if torture would escalate. The selected volunteer is Canadian Captain Paul Raine who’s bilingual, had lived in France and could pass for a Frenchman. British Intelligence is secretly assessing him via Capt. Thomas Rawson’s pretty secretary, Lucy. What starts as a test changes to love when Lucy and Paul fall for each other. She’s pained about sending an unsuspecting Paul to certain capture, torture and death. Not suspecting being a pawn in an elaborate misinformation game, Paul insists in volunteering. He reassures Lucy about his return but she knows the truth about his mission. Her misgivings are belated. The die is cast!

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