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Breaking Point

Breaking Point (2015)

Families across the nation are on the brink of destruction as their lives have been hijacked by a criminal loved one… this is their BREAKING POINT. This reality series features subjects who believe they are participating in a documentary about their life of crime. What they don’t know is they will soon face a criminal intervention that offers only two choices: accept treatment or face the possibility of prison time. Each surprise criminal intervention is conducted by top criminal defense attorney and certified intervention professional, Darren Kavinoky, whose insights into illegal behavior are based not only in professional clinical interest – but, also his passion, borne of personal experience fighting his own addictions to drugs and alcohol, and committing crimes that led him to handcuffs, himself. Told in gripping verite-style, these are the stories of lost souls who walk life’s tightrope, edging closer and closer to a great fall, while dragging their loved ones down with them. Through BREAKING POINT, criminals and their families confront their darkest demons with the hope of finally finding a road to redemption. Each episode follows real criminals through their daily lives and starkly reveals the devastation their behavior has brought to themselves, their families and friends. The Criminal Interventionist enters to lend his authentic viewpoint stemming from his own personal experience, which could have led him to the same untimely end awaiting those who cannot, or will not, recover. Kavinoky and the extensive BREAKING POINT team have made it their mission to stop the madness that can lead only to jails, institutions, or death and MadJack Entertainment captures it all for us to witness on BREAKING POINT.

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Duration: 90 min

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